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winter solstice rituals

Whether you celebrate it, or even know that it’s happening, Winter Solstice is one of nature’s great shared experiences here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the shortest day and longest night of our entire year, and it is a time to celebrate the moon giving birth to the sun, of earth’s Yin energy transitioning to Yang symbolizing a rebirth. 

As humans we have been observing the winter solstice as early as about 10,200 BC or since the Neolithic period. It is believed that some Neolithic monuments such as Newgrange in Ireland and Maeshowe in Scotland served religious purposes where people held rituals to capture the sun of the year’s shortest day. 

Every year, winter solstice holds energy for regeneration, renewal, and self-reflection. It’s a time to go inward, to take stock of lessons learned, and lean into new beginnings. 

For many of us, this solstice may seem like an exceptionally important one. It’s been a roller coaster of lessons and tests at every turn. But, something else is making it extra special this year - The Great Conjunction. This year, Jupiter and Saturn will make a conjunction which will be seen just after sunset. This is the first time this has happened in 200 years and it's been 800 years since we've been able to visibly see it take place. This conjunction is happening in a new element - Aquarius and therefore ushers us into a new 200-year era. 

While this day holds so much darkness, and winter is far from over, it also holds hope, for every day after this one is brighter and The Great Conjunction feels like a new beginning, a fresh start. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are alive, and this is all part of the human experience. 

In honor of this year’s winter solstice, we are sharing rituals that will help you slow down, reflect, and renew. 

Sink into a bath 
Bathing is often associated with renewal and this is no different. Using one  Nautical Farms Sleep Soak tube, sink into a hot bath of cleansing lavender, chamomile, seaweed, and salt. As you get into the bath, think about what you’d like to shed from this year as we begin again. 

Burn Palo Santo 
Palo Santo is an ancient plant medicine known for its cleansing properties. Light a stick to cleanse your space, and bring upon good fortune for the new year. 

Take stock of the lessons you learned in the last year, what you would like to bring with you into the new year, and what you’d like to leave behind. Make a list of things you are grateful for, and set intentions for the coming year. 

Light a candle to illuminate darkness
Lighting a white candle helps to purify, heal, and protect. They promote serenity, peace, and enhance personal strength and insight. Start by sitting down with your feet on the ground and hold one of our Of The Earth massage oil candles in your hands, putting your intentions for the coming year into the candle. When you’re finished, press down and twist the cap to open and light the candle. Let the wax pool for 5-10 minutes as you mediate further on your intentions for the new year and then pour the wax into your skin, and massage in.

Cherish the light
Get outside and go on a walk. Enjoy the light of day while we have it. Look around you, take deep breaths and make a list of things you are grateful for as you walk.