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a healthy kelping: seaweed & all of its nutritional benefits

No matter how you consume seaweed, it has a wealth of nutritional benefits.

This delicious, umami, slightly salty sea vegetable contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, all vital to the flourishing development + maintenance of your body. 

The key benefits include:
● Boosting the immune system and protecting against illness
● Supporting thyroid health
● Improving gut health
● Maintaining healthy, glowing, skin

Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A is what many refer to as Retinol, a cherished vitamin that often comes in the form of face cream or serum. Retinal has a pretty impressive portfolio. Not only is it vital to helping our immune systems fight off disease and infection, it also functions to help the body maintain healthy vision and support reproduction.

Vitamin B

  • Another essential vitamin for the body. Vitamin B has the ability to support proper cell division + growth, sustain energy levels, and promote brain function, all which support healthy digestion, as well as nerve function. 
Vitamin C
  • The all holy Vitamin C is most notable for its ability to build up your immune system + protect against disease. However, this almighty vitamin is also critical for boosting prenatal health, preventing eye disease + cardiovascular disease, as well as warding off wrinkling and aging in skin.

Vitamin E

  • Just as vitamins C and A enhance your immune system's ability to combat illness, so does Vitamin E. But more than that, Vitamin E is superbly nutritive for skin + eyes.

Vitamin K

  • Vitamin K is all about maintaining healthy blood + blood processes in the body. This vitamin helps to keep blood from clotting + assist the body in regulating blood calcium levels.

Seaweed also contains the minerals iron + iodine. Iron is crucial for the body to function adequately + properly. It supports the body's growth + development by transporting oxygen throughout. Iodine, on the other hand, plays a key role in sustaining thyroid health.

Seaweed is a superfood that helps keep the body + mind healthy by supplying vitamins + minerals that help fight off disease + keep your body strong.

You can now get all of these benefits in our most convenient form yet - through our Nautical Farms Kelp Supplement. Buy Now.