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bloody mermaid

It’s true what they say, seaweed goes with everything. 

Let’s be real, the Super Bowl is a big deal. While it’s not an event that our household spends time prepping for, or most years even taking part in, it’s undeniable that the big day is an engrained part of American Culture. So this year, we created the Bloody Mermaid to help you celebrate. A seaweed-infused Bloody Mary. 


6 oz Bloody Mary Mix 

1.5 oz Vodka (of your choice, we used Tito’s)

3 Green Olives 

1 Celery Stick 

1 Bacon Strip (cooked, optional)

2 sprinkles of Organic Alaria Flakes 

*Skewer for olives (optional)  


Fill glass with ice and pour in your choice of vodka. Next, add in your Bloody Mary mix and a small pinch of Organic Alaria Flakes and stir gently.

Add in your celery stick. 

Put your 3 olives on a skewer and a stick into your glass, or plop olives into the mixture. 

Lastly, sprinkle a small pinch of Organic Alaria Flakes onto the top, and enjoy!