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bloody mermaid: kelp-infused bloody mary

It’s true what they say, kelp goes with everything. Including this seaweed cocktail cleverly renamed the Bloody Mermaid. 

Indulging in a well-crafted cocktail is an experience that transcends mere sips and flavors – it's about embracing a moment of sophistication, taste, and imagination. In the realm of creative mixology, this kelp-infused bloody mary stands as a testament to the art of combining familiar favorites with intriguing twists. This extraordinary concoction marries the classic allure of a Bloody Mary with the unique essence of the ocean, delivering a drink that's not just a libation, but a voyage of taste.

Picture this: a perfectly chilled glass containing a blend of bloody mary mix and your chosen vodka, with a hint of Organic Alaria Flakes gently infusing their oceanic magic into every sip. This dynamic combination is a symphony of flavors – the tangy tomato base harmonizing with the umami-rich seaweed essence, creating a depth that tantalizes the palate. The addition of Organic Alaria Flakes, carefully sprinkled on top, offers both texture and a burst of sea-inspired goodness that elevates this cocktail to an entirely new level of indulgence.

This kelp-infused cocktail is more than just a drink; it's an adventure waiting to be savored. Each component contributes to the overall sensory experience – the crispness of celery, the briny allure of green olives, the Maine ocean farmed sugar kelp’s umami, and for the true epicurean explorers, a crispy strip of bacon. These elements transform every sip into a journey that awakens the senses, painting a vivid picture of an oceanfront escape.

Beyond its exquisite taste, the inclusion of Organic Alaria Flakes brings a host of nutritional benefits to the kelp-infused beverage. Seaweed is known for its wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can infuse your cocktail hour with a touch of health-conscious delight. As you indulge, you're not just treating your palate – you're nourishing your body.

Alaria, a type of brown seaweed, is nature's treasure from the depths of the sea, renowned for its rich umami flavor and remarkable nutritional profile. Harvested from pristine ocean waters, Alaria brings a world of taste and health benefits to your cocktail, elevating it to a whole new realm of sensory delight. With its delicate texture and the subtle briny essence it imparts, Organic Alaria Flakes are the secret ingredient that transforms your drink into a gourmet masterpiece. Sustainably farmed and carefully harvested and dried, Alaria introduces an element of authenticity and sophistication to your cocktail experience.

prep time: 5 minutes

makes: 1 serving

You'll Need:

6 oz Bloody Mary Mix 
1.5 oz Vodka (of your choice, we used Tito’s)
3 Green Olives 
1 Celery Stick 
1 Bacon Strip (cooked, optional)
2 sprinkles of Organic Alaria Flakes 
*Skewer for olives (optional)  


Fill the glass with ice and pour in your choice of vodka. Add in your Bloody Mary mix and a pinch of Organic Alaria Flakes and stir gently.


Insert a celery stick into the glass.

Skewer 3 olives on a skewer and a stick into your glass, or plop olives into the mixture. 

Lastly, sprinkle a small pinch of Organic Alaria Flakes onto the top, and enjoy! 

Enjoy this oceanic masterpiece that combines the best of mixology and the sea.