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live grounded: spring eco-product gift guide

"Nautical Farms is a regenerative ocean farm in Maine growing high-quality, healthful, organic Maine seaweeds. Their mission is to create products to support the health & wellness of people – and the planet – through organic seaweeds for the purpose of superfoods & skincare. They follow the ancient wisdom that seaweed should be celebrated as a foundational pillar of a healthy diet, skin, and planet.

You’ll find a range of products for the kitchen, vitamin cabinet, or bath – including their Traditional Seaweed Bath Soak and Kelp & Sea Salt Body Scrub. Drawing inspiration from centuries of self care practices using seaweed, theirs is used as a staple in their ‘bathhouse collection' as well. Their Kelp Capsules and Organic Seaweed Flakes are salty, savory, and nutty in flavor, so these seaweeds will compliment any meal.

All uses packaging that is reusable, or compostable!" 

See the full gift guide here.