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ocean farmed kelp

making you healthier and the world better.

Maine Organic Seaweed Farm - Nautical Farms - Kelp Natural Foods from the Sea & Zero Waste Bath Products & Gifts
Maine Organic Seaweed Farm - Nautical Farms - Kelp Natural Foods from the Sea & Zero Waste Bath Products & Gifts

kelp in the kitchen

why should we eat seaweed?

Beyond the salty, savory, umami flavor of kelp, it is highly nutritious and full of vitamins & minerals that tend to gut health & thyroid balance, while also being anti-inflammatory and supporting the immune system. Further, it's a sustainable food source that grows quickly without fresh water, fertilizer or dry land. Kelp is a wonderful salt alternative or flavor & nutrition booster known for its versatility. Be sure to check out our recipe section.

kelp for the skin

why incorporate seaweed into your skin care routine?

Kelp isn't just touted for it's many benefits in the kitchen, but in skin care too. Full of antioxidants and vitamin C, kelp helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to calm and control inflammation, as well as hydrate, plump and exfoliate the skin promoting a smoother, brighter, more even complexion.

sea what our customers say

Deliciously nourishing. This product is as pure as it comes! I had been looking for a local Maine seaweed farm with sustainable harvesting practices to support and voila! Here enters Nautical Farms.


Just did the salt & seaweed bath... divine!


I love these flakes. We use them in everything from soups and stir frys to just enriching broths. So easy to just grab and add. Love it!


Sea Farmed, Sun Dried Nautical Farms Icon

ocean farmed, sun dried

Our seaweeds are sustainably grown on aquaculture farms here in Maine. Once harvested, they are solar dried.

Maine Pine Tree Company Icon

maine strong

We are a proud Maine seaweed company supporting Maine's working waterfront & coastal communities.

USDA Organic Certified Sea Farm & Seaweeds Icon

certified organic

We are certified organic and ensure the highest quality standards are taken when handling our kelp products.