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From farming to crafting, to shipping & packaging we are constantly evaluating our practices and learning how to improve.

Sea more below about how we are taking care of you:


Polyculture Farming System

Here at Nautical Farms we practice what is called polyculture farming or regenerative ocean farming. That means we are able to grow multiple crops simultaneously or in rotation. We've chosen so far to focus on Sugar Kelp, Alaria, and Mussels. Farming just one type of seaweed or shellfish in the ocean has wonderful benefits including zero fresh water input, as well as zero dry land and fertilizer utilization, but polyculture systems take it a step further. They have better nutrient utilization as different species provide and use different nutrients to grow. They also take up less space as multiple things are growing alongside each other increasing biodiversity.


Carbon Neutral Shipping

All U.S. orders are proudly sent via the United States Postal Service with 100% carbon neutral shipping with help from partners at Sendle & South Pole. 

Plastic Free Packaging

We extend our promise to deliver good, whole, sustainable products by using eco-friendly packaging. All product and packing materials are made without plastic and can be reused or recycled.