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traditional seaweed bath soak


Bring the ocean to your shower or tub with our Seaweed Bath Soaks. This detoxifying bath tea kit is a therapeutic treatment that will do wonders for your body & mind. Our traditional Seaweed Bath is inspired by the soothing Irish seaweed bathing tradition.

Rest & relax deeper knowing our bath kit is 100% natural, made with nutrient dense, ocean farmed, sun-dried sea kelp, paired with solar dried Maine sea salt. This luxurious soak offers a truly calming and mindful experience. Our soak kit relieves dry skin, purges the body of toxins, and alleviates sore muscles.

Cruelty-free / Vegan / Paraben-free / Made in USA


how to use

When you're done bathing, remove seaweed sachet and dry. Re-use seaweed up to 3 times. Compost the paper bag, reuse the 100% cotton bag and 4 oz black metal tin, as well as plant the wildflower seed tag.

Use in the bathtub or hang from shower head.



2 Oz Dried Seaweed / 4 Oz Maine Sea Salt / Black Metal Tin / 100% Cotton Sachet Natural sea sponge is sold separately 

traditional seaweed bath soak