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how to cook lobster maine style

As true Mainers, we eat a lot of lobster and are frequent users of lobster in our recipes here on the Field Diary. Yet, we recently realized that we've never shared how we like to cook a lobster. 

We like to enjoy lobster the way we think it should be enjoyed - simply. So, we figured we'd share with you how we do it. 

First things first, acquire your lobster. If you don't live on the coast of Maine and can't catch your own Maine fresh bugs, or grab some from a local fishermen, check out Maine Lobster Now. They do next day seafood delivery anywhere in the US! 

Once you've got fresh lobster in hand, make sure you have a large pot (we recommend at least 16 quarts), a steam rack for the bottom of your pot, and some lobster crackers and picks

Put your steam rack at the bottom of your pot, and fill with water until the water line is just below your rack. Add a sprinkle of salt and bring your water to a boil. 

While your water is heating up, remove the bands from the claws of your lobster. I know this can seem scary or intimidating, but trust us, it's important! You don't want your cooked lobster to have a hint of rubber. Be sure to grab the lobster firmly from behind just under its arms to avoid being pinched. 

By now, your water should be boiling. Place your lobsters on top of each other into your pot and cover. 

Let them steam for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, your lobsters should be bright red. You can double check that they are done by lightly tugging on their "feeler" the antennae that comes off the front of them. If the feeler comes off without much effort, they are done. 

Empty the lobsters into a clean sink, or another pot until they are cool enough to handle. Once they have cooled, you can shell out your meat, and place aside in a dish until you are ready to eat! 

If eating right away, melt some butter in a dish, dip, and enjoy! 

Unsure how to shell out a lobster? Check out this youtube video that explains all of the areas you should focus on to get the best and most meat. 

If you are storing your lobster, be sure to store in the refrigerator in an air tight container. Lobster can be stored for about a week. 

Stay tuned for how we make classic Maine Lobster Rolls in our next post!