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the forest bath podcast: an interview with nautical farms

"Hello friends and welcome to the Forest Bath Podcast 

Today, we dive deep into the chilly depths of the Atlantic and connect with our earliest consciousness, our family of the sea. We meet with our go with the flow seaweed and learn all about her dance, her virtues, her unique and abundant medicine. I am so excited to welcome our first ever guest, Morgan Lea of Nautical Farms, a regenerative seaweed farm up in Machias, Maine! In this episode we talk about aquaculture, the ins and outs of seaweed farming, how seaweed plays a balanced role in aquaculture, how seaweed helps our planet, the animals & us humans, foraging and preparation, innovation and the really bright future of seaweed. In other places around the world seaweed has been eaten and used for thousands of years, but it is now gaining popularity in western diets and skincare. She is a ancient versatile ally that I personally think is worth getting to know. So lets dive in and all in the spirit of water and seaweed to sit with for a while."


Listen to episode here