If you like kale or nori chips, these will be your new favorite.

It was Jake and I's 7th year anniversary today. We decided it was a good a day as any to take the boat out to the kelp farm to check on it's status since we seeded in November. The kelp looked great (it's grown 2-4 inches in most spots and the lines are pretty dense), but what this post is really about is what we made when we got back home.

While we were out there, we hauled a few of our lobster traps. Luckily we had a few in them. We snatched them up and on the way in decided we'd put our new air fryer to work that we had gotten as a gift for Christmas to make kelp chips. They were so good you guys! Recipe below:

Air Fried Kelp Chips with Garlic + Sea Salt

You'll Need:

An air fryer

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 lb of blanched sugar kelp


Sea salt


These were so easy! Start with your blanched kelp. We had some frozen from last year's harvest that we thawed out before making the chips, but you can order blanched and frozen kelp or harvest a little bit and blanch it yourself.

Lay your kelp out on a cutting board (as much as you want to cook in one air frying batch) so its not too folded over anywhere. Take a brush, and brush on a little bit of olive oil. Then lightly sprinkle on your garlic and sea salt.

Cut any large kelp pieces down. We kept pieces in roughly 2'' by 2'' squares. They don't at all have to be perfect squares!

Next, cover the bottom of your air fryer with the kelp pieces. Don't add in too much at one time, otherwise you'll end up with a big ball of dried kelp. It's good to be able to see the bottom of your fryer.

Fry at 370 degrees for roughly 8-10 minutes (no need to pre-heat your air fryer!). I set ours for 10 mins, but I would wait and listen for the kelp to start to crackle and pop. Once I could hear that, I let them stay in for another 30 seconds or so and then took them out.

Let cool for a few seconds and enjoy!