We get by with a little help from our friends.
Learn more about our partners in crime: 

maine fresh sea farms 

Maine Fresh Sea Farms holds a special place in our hearts. Founders, Peter Fischer + Seth Barker were some of our first mentors + supporters in the world of aquaculture. Our farming journey would have been significantly more difficult if it weren't for them. Like us, they hope to provide a model for growing sea vegetables in a sustainable way that can support the natural environment + protect Maine’s working waterfronts + marine-based economy. Read more about Peter + Seth's organic seaweed farm here


schoppee farm

Aside from being our friends in life, our business partners over at Schoppee Farm, their entire crew included, hold a very big place in our hearts. They help us create a close-loop system by using our farm waste as fertilizer for their seed to shelf, outdoor organic hemp products. Shop Schoppee CBD and learn more here