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Maine Organic Seaweed Farm

about us

We are Morgan and Jake. Morgan has a background in building community and event production, and Jake is a generational fisherman and operations director. We both grew up in Maine, but our seaweed story starts thousands of miles from the sea. While living in the Midwest, we began learning about the power of seaweed which brought us back to our roots, and led to the start of Nautical Farms. We believe seaweed to be a foundational pillar for a healthy planet, a superfood for humans and animals, and a key ingredient in natural skincare.


from the ocean, to you 

Our seaweed is organically certified and regeneratively grown using a 3D ocean farming model in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Maine. In the spring, we harvest by hand and dry by sun in greenhouses before crafting and packaging into beautiful, reusable or compostable containers. We’ve been using seaweed for years to enhance our cooking, incorporate into skincare rituals, and generally support our health & well-being. We look forward to sharing with you the experience of Maine seaweed.

Maine Organic Seaweed Farm